Dragons Almighty, Blessed Be Thou…

Growing up it was the majestic and yet terrifying visage of Godzilla and Dragons in general that tickled my fancy. I don’t know exactly when it started or even why. Like most young boys I liked dinosaurs and was interested in archaeology which I can remember swearing that I would never lose interest in, but we all know how that works out! lol Eventually by the time I entered Jr. High my interest in dragons and Godzilla were going down hill and before long it was almost non-existent. There were many reasons for me to lose hope in a lot of things at that time which I believe caused it.

The interesting thing about me being so fascinated with dragons was that I was born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon. Earth Dragon to be exact in compliment to my Western Zodiacal Sun Sign which is Virgo which is an Earth (element) sign. Think about it, Virgo is a virgin representing purity and innocence while the Dragon represents power and ferocity, almost an exact opposite, wouldn’t you say?

Later on in my teens, but mostly when I was an adult I would find numerous things surrounding my birth (star) information and occult correspondences. Last year or late winter of the year before I was reading the book Exu by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold in which there is a short mention of the (albeit mysterious) Dragon Exu and a certain relation to something about me, but I don’t remember if that part was in the book or from Mr. Frisvold himself when I asked about it. Years before in the Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft by Rosemary Guilley there was a reference to my birthday (August 24th) and the trickster like spirits roaming the streets which reminds me of tales of how in Scottland and/or Ireland the parents would keep their children in for fear of the ghouls, ghosts and other demons running amuk.

For those of you who don’t know the Exu spirits are a class of male spirits in the Afro-Brazilian cult of Quimbanda. The name Exu (pro. Eshu) is the over all name of the Spirits i.e. Exu Rei or Exu Calunga etc. Their female counterpart is Pomba Gira and is also a title given to the Spirits as in Pomba Gira Padhila or Pomba Gira Rainha das Sete Encruzilhadas. These two classes of Spirits have been identified (not necessarily the most accurate, but is fitting) as the Devil (Exu) as in the classical red skinned man with horns and a pitchfork (I don’t know if there are any Exu depicted with a tail, but some of the Pontos Riscados depict what appear to be devilish tails combined with a pitchfork) while Pomba Gira is the Devil’s Maiden or Mistress. As I said these titles are fitting and I suggest you reading Frisvold’s book Exu and Pomba Gira (haven’t had the blessing of reading the latter yet!). Check out The Starry Cave and The House of Quimbanda.

These spirits reflect ourselves and can take on either an angelic or demonic visage. He references, I believe, Anton LaVey and about how we all have an animal/beast inside of us (from The Satanic Bible). Growing up I have certainly seen my share of people letting the animal out and more often than not I have seen people become overwhelmed and consumed by the animal or other spirits etc. I have also come to the conclusion that it is the animal inside of us that connects us to this world, to the Devil!

Dragons, being demonized as a manifestation of evil in the world if not the Devil Himself, can be seen as being elemental/power manifestations of the world. For example, the Earth Dragon symbolizes the raw untapped energy/power of the same element – untamed! It is the Beast that we find in the Woods, not innocent civilized children! If we are all born of this World and therefore connected to the God of this World (the Devil) then wouldn’t it make sense to assume that we each a beast connected to an according element inside of us? You might say, “What is so beastly about a Virgin?” Just take a look at Artemis who is said to be a virginal huntswoman.

Maybe Dragons are simply seen as being elemental Masters or will progress towards Mastery? Let us not forget that Mastery of an Element is more than just that Element. They represent many different things such as Water representing the emotions (emotional tide) or Fire representing rage.


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