Crucial Observances In Magickal Workings

Magick is neutral, but it is also natural which means that it exists throughout the Universe.

Neo-Paganism and Wicca has gotten a lot of negative attention for various reasons, but it has re-introduced major aspects of Spellwork to our modern world. I didn’t get involved in these sort of subjects until I was in my teens during the 2000s and at that time you only had two major choices: Wicca (or some form of Neo-Paganism) and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Two very different systems and because the Golden Dawn didn’t disrupt my own personal beliefs too much, I went with it. Chances are that students wouldn’t of one or the other system might not be exposed to certain texts of importance. One thing, however, is the observance of the Planets… Ceremonial Magick made magick into a structured system almost scientific which is interesting and can isn’t all that bad, but kind of takes the point out of magick. Magick is more spiritual, not more scientific. Wicca did a fair job of keeping it more in line with spirituality.

The Planets aren’t just for certain for certain forms of magick, but all forms. Where as the Day and Hour of a certain planet is designated to that specific planet it is also a potent time for certain forms of magick. For example, Mars or Jupiter for Protection. If you do a spell or make a charm on the Day of Mars in the Hour of Mars etc. doesn’t mean that that spell or charm has to be martial per se. That time is still very potent for workings of protection. The same goes for any planetary force or timing.

The same is said for the observance of the Moon Phases.


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