Satan – My Views

As I have said before, I am in essence a Catholic even though I am a Heretic and proud of it but my views within Christianity differ greatly from those of many Catholics and other Christians various denominations. My foot is only half-heartedly within the boundaries/confines of the Catholic Church/Papacy etc. To be Catholic in a Christian sense doesn’t mean you do what the Church tells you to do or believe nor does it mean following idiotic, male shovenistic ideas and concepts within and outside of the Bible. My views of God in a Christian context go hand-in-hand with those of Satan but not that they are the same or anything. Satan is an Angel of the Lord (god, that reminds me of a spooky, freaky animation I once saw on YouTube – Mark Twain inspired animation that is!) but my views are that Satan who is both in Heaven and on Earth is a Trickster and/or Tempter of Man, Woman, and Child. I don’t look at Satan as being evil in the common sense of the word but rather as an entity that helps to remind me of my place and who I am but not in a negative way. I am but a man but I am a man with a soul and what is a soul but a seed divine!? Satan exists whether if you believe in Him or not and so do demons which act in similar way to their master so to speak. Satan is, for me, the ideal entity or spirit to go to to curse someone but more on lines of reminding them of who they are.

It is said that every angel regardless of their rank is an aspect of the Divine which is God/G-d but when I say God I am not talking about a male entity or being but rather a female and male entity/spirit/being etc. The word, “God” to me is just a word that defines, to a degree, the Divine. Satan is the angel that tempts but in a good way. Technically speaking Satan is the God of this World and the Bible clarifies it which would lead to reason that the worship of Satan is accessible. I don’t worship Satan unless you consider honoring Satan as worship which would then lead to reason that any spirit/entity you honor is the same as worshiping them. You could look at God as being the Universe or Universal Substance. Satan is just one of those aspects and instead of us, humans, being aspects of God or sparks of the Divine meaning that we return to God when we die, our souls were created from God or the Universal Substance but if God is our parent then God would want us to be all we can be, right? If God wants us to be all we can be on Earth then why give us a soul? To be closer to God? If God went through everything just to create us and give us a soul to connect to Him/Her and return right back to Him/Her when we die then God isn’t much a good parent, is He/She? God wants us to reach our full spiritual potential.

One of the aspects of God that I spoke of earlier when I said that my views of God are different from other’s views is that yes God has a temper but the idea of God is that God is a culmination of aspects – kind of like putting all the pagan deities into One deity hence the hatred Jews, Christians, and Muslims have towards Pagans!? There is nothing wrong with worshiping various deities – it’s just the manner they are worshipped in that infuriates God. God wants to be recognized, God is after all a Jealous God, and why should God be recognized? God is the Universal Substance, that which gives birth all other things – everything emanates or rather comes from God but instead of returning to God (maybe at the end of it all, everything will return back to the One) it all evolves or becomes recycled so to speak. God has a negative side and a positive side – Yin and Yang but the difference with my view is that there is a positive and a negative Yin as well as a positive and negative Yang. This brings up one of the biggest issues people have with God and Christianity – all of the hatred – love contradiction stuff. God is supposed to be a god of Love and Mercy but yet He has a roaring temper! As I said earlier, there are different aspects to God – positive and negative. God is a reflection of us just as we are a reflection of God – God is man-made in a sense but yet we are God made as well.

Sometimes it just take a person time to see and realize a truth.

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To Turn Away The Devil – Charm

I know, I know, you are probably going to be thinking, “the devil… again.” Well, the Devil in this perspective is more on the lines of either the hard-core Christian/Catholic aspect of the Devil or more of a folkloric devil that simply plays tricks on you to play tricks without any benefit to you. This is honestly an anti-devil charm but it is more of a “don’t bother me right now” kind of charm. I say this because I am a Satanist (if you want to know more or before you judge or make assumptions, ask me about my version of Satanism because I can guarantee you that it is probably and most likely far from what you thought) and a practitioner of Hoodoo which involves, for me but not a necessity of Hoodoo, a very strong and deep interest in the Devil of Folklore more than the Devil in terms of the Fallen Lucifer or Satan. FYI, I try to keep an open mind but where as I do not believe whole heartedly in the Lucifer story of Christianity, even though I am in essence a Catholic (a heretic but a Catholic non-the-less) but I do accept it as a possibility. For some like me, I would consider the Devil of Folklore a friend of sorts or an ally so to speak even though other might go to Him to curse me or what not. It is interesting, however, to note that this Devil is not traditionally viewed as Satan but is turned away/off by Holy Objects etc.

I will upload a picture in the future as for other blogs but for an idea of what this charm is it is bracelet (ankle bracelet as well)/necklace; depends on how you want to use it.


Red Yarn or other similar string
One piece of Devil’s Shoestring

I know people are going to be wondering where the oil is but the truth is this charm is very Christian Folklore Magick despite that I have never came across this charm before and secondly the power lies within the words that are being infused into the Witche’s Ladder. Thirdly, if you want to use oil you can by using an appropriate oil that wards off mischievousness or evil, depending on which Devil you want to fend off. If you use oil you will anoint the Devil’s Shoestring and/or the Witche’s Ladder.

You will need an appropriate length of yarn (or whatever string your using) for either your ankle, wrist, or neck. Once you have the appropriate length of yarn you will make either nine or thirteen knots throughout it and you will want each knot to be of an equal or as much as possible length from each other. As you tie each knot you will recite a Hail Mary, Our Lord (also known as the Lord’s Prayer), or Glory Be and if you can do this in Latin then you should for more potency. When I say do it in Latin I mean you should do some study on grammar so you can speak the words appropriately. With each prayer you should have the intention and even visualization of tying the prayer into the knot. After you have completed this you will take your piece of Devil’s Shoestring which a small hole drawn through it on either side for the yarn to be passed through and tied. Your going to have to do this yourself unless you’re too young to work with sharp items or power tools which would mean you need a parent or reliable adult to do it for you. If the Devil’s Shoestring is thick then you can use an electric drill with a drill bit that will make a hole that is big enough to pass the yarn through and yet small enough not to crack the wood (the root is wood). To help to prevent cracking it (the root) should be thick and you need to do it away from the end of the root but not by much. You can also use a nail (nothing thick though) and nail it into the root. If you use the drill or any kind of drill BE SAFE AND WISE ABOUT IT! The exact same thing is said of using a nail and hammer! Yarn can be difficult to pass through a small hole so what you will want to do is lick the end of the yarn to get it wet, place it over the hole then take a thick needle or even a tooth pick and work it down through the hole where you will knot tie it to that same side of yarn. Once you have this all done you can hold it, visualize the Devil leaving you alone or being ward off from you as you affirm the following:

Devil, Devil,
Trickster amongst Tricksters
Be warded off by this charm
Powerful in it’s Might
Against the Foe of Humanity
(Against that Old Spirit,
Known as Old Scratch)
Now, begone Devil Man!
In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost/Spirit.

The section in parentheses is to be used if you are making this charm to ward off the devil of folk-lore instead of the Christian concept of Satan. If this is the case then you will not use the line right above it but if it for Satan and not the folk-loric devil then you will use the line previously mention instead of that in the parentheses. What if the charm is being made to ward off both devils? Then you will use:

Against the Foe Humanity
And against the Old Spirit,
Known as Old Scratch

 A few questions?

Why the color red? It just seems appropriate even though my two sources of inspiration probably would stem from the ankle bracelet utilizing a St. George medal (which uses a red string as well) which is an anti-snake charm and the other is the red string around the wrist to ward off evil spirits as a Kabbalistic charm. The devil in folklore and media is usually depicted, at times, as being red and NO this (my using red string) has no connection to Native Americans being called, “Red Devils.”

Why Christian? This charm doesn’t have to be Christian, you can utilize it in any way you want. It doesn’t even have to deal with the Devil.

Why Nine or Thirteen? In Hoodoo, which I have to say this Charm would have its roots in Hoodoo, the number nine is a number of mastery. Thirteen is a sacred and powerful number for numerous reasons but I have found that when I pray with the Rosary, this means I hold it when I pray or use the beads to keep count and not actually praying the entire rosary, at times Mother Mary seems to be instructing me to pray Thirteen Hail Marys. In the Kabbalah, this number is a number that signifies the Divine.

Who is Old Scratch? The Devil of Folk-lore and sometimes Satan himself is known as Old Scratch, Old Nick, Old Horny, Horny Dick and others that aren’t necessarily sexual references.



Words of Wisdom

I once talked to my girlfriend about selling my soul [to the Devil] for Love but when she asked me, “Why didn’t you?” I replied:

“It’s just like Immortality. Your first thought is, ‘I’m going to live forever,’
but the your second thought which never seems to come to it’s too late is
‘Why would I want to live forever in a place surrounded by darkness?’

Selling your soul to Satan is exactly the same thing. 
You might get what you wanted most, what you desired most
but in the end He gets what He wants most
‘Your Soul In Eternal Damnation!’

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary,
the Devil walks about like a roaring lion,
seeking whom He may devour.”
Peter 5:8

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Yelp Where You Tread Oil

Yelp Where You Tread Oil is a name and recipe I came up with a few weeks ago or at least I think I am seeing how I don’t think I ever come across this name or mixture before. This oil is intended to drive away negativity and evil – the image of a devil trying to get into your home unknowingly steps on an oily floor with rose thorns sticking up so they stab the devil’s feet making him yelp where he treads! FYI this product isn’t intended to be smeared on a floor! This oil can be used in or on protective charms such as spell bottles or maybe even a witch bottle if you let your creativity wander. Like any other oil you can use this oil in countless different ways.


Base oil such as Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil etc. with a few drops of Vitamin E Oil unless its Jojoba Oil. You can use Vitamin E Oil as a base oil but here in Ohio the pharmacy in our Super Wal-Mart carries a small bottle of it  which costs around five dollars… I couldn’t find a bigger bottle but I sure would hate to see the price of it! I’m just not a fan of paying out five dollars for a small bottle of oil let alone using that oil as a base oil!

You will also need Rose Thorns (others thorns can be used as well but make sure they are naturally occurring thorns and preferably sharp!), Rose Oil (Lavender, Lilac, or Jasmine can also be used. Well, really any flowery scent can be used. You can also mix and match smells if you would like), and Red Pepper Flakes. I know what you may be thinking, hmm… an oil associated with the devil that uses Red Pepper Flakes sounds a lot like Flying D Oil. Actually, this oil was inspired by Flying D Oil which is also known as Flying Devil Oil or Run Devil Run

I originally thought about using a base oil such as Rose Oil then add the other ingredients one at a time whispering your intent to them.

Thorns of a Rose
Prickly and Painful
Poke and Slice
Those Devilish Feet
‘Til Evil lasts no longer!
In My Home
So, Pleasant a Place
Where Scents of Rose (and Lavender) Linger
And negativity lingers no longer!
Pepper O, so red and hot
Burn away that negativity in My Home!

Once the oil is completed you can then bottle it with the thorns and pepper flakes in it until you are ready to use it. I have heard that you don’t want to keep a magickal oil in direct sunlight but it’s probably more on the lines of not wanting the Oil to spoil as oils can go bad due to high heat.

Devil’s Shoestring Root Charm

The Devil’s Shoestring root is generally only used in Hoodoo traditionally but has been adapted to Modern forms of magick. This root is said to resemble shoestrings and is used to “trip up the devil” but its uses are rather limitless. The root is said to be lucky and a good read for that is because the root will act as a charm that sees bad luck or negativity coming your way and will literally “trip it up.” Think of it as a kind of reversal Evil Eye or rather an Evil Eye used to counteract/protect you from the effects of a malicious Evil Eye attack. So, it’s not only lucky but also protective but the luckieness could be due to its power to avert negativity and bad luck which means the good luck you experience is your own.

Other than carrying the root with you at all times or fashioning it into a charm to be worn it can also be used to make people tell you the truth. Where did I get this idea from? Well, for one thing I am a Pentacalian and Pentalphe (which I founded) is focused on being honest to ones self so my creativity just went on and on. Then the TV show Supernatural featured an episode (Season 6, episode 6 – You Can’t Handle The Truth) where a young girl invoked the Greek Goddess Veritas which was the Goddess of Truth by using a cat’s skull (said to be Her sacred animal or at least on the show – I didn’t do a whole lot of research on her), Grains of Paradise which are used in truth-telling and devil’s shoestring… I was thinking, why devil’s shoestring? Then it dawned on me, “it trips up liars!” I’m not talking about invoking Veritas or utilizing a cat skull but I will give a method of creating a charm to make people tell you the truth.


1 Devil’s Shoestring Root
Grains of Paradise Oil (for some reason I want to call this – Oil of Paradise)
And yourself

You will take the Devil’s Shoestring and put your intent into it – the intent that it will trip up any negativity, bad luck, devil (demon etc.) that will come your way. Visualizing this as you focus on sending energy of your intent into the root seems to help some but for others not so much. One of the difficulties with beginning magick is that you have to put your body, mind, and soul into it – touching the item or performing bodily actions such as movements, vibrating sacred names, or pranayama etc. They all may be connected but you have to individually work with each one or rather focus primarily on that one thing or two things in the case of holding an item, whispering your intent to it, and visualizing etc. Visualization is association with the brain and directing energy would be associated with your soul.

After you have directed your intent into the root – this is giving it an extra boost alongside its naturally occurring properties (magickal etc.) – you will take some Grains of Paradise Oil then anoint the root with the oil while pouring your intent into it which would be the intent of people telling you the truth/un-able to lie to you. Visualization always helps and remember to rub the oil towards you and not away because you want the effects of the root to work in your favor not against you. Once this is done you can choose to pour more intent into it or even meditate on the intent while holding your Devil’s Shoestring Charm. When you feel it is ready you fashion it into a necklace, carry it with you when you approach someone etc. Do you ever get one of those feelings where you just know to say something but have no clue if its more effective or not? Well, I’m having one of those moments now – if at all possible keep the root charm around your neck for best results and even possibly in the view of the one you’re talking to as to let them fall prey to the sway or snare of the Devil’s Shoestring Root Charm!

Check this Lucky Mojo page out for more information on this curio –


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